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Green Act
Donald Bambara co-started Green Act, a project that separates trash from recyclables, processes the recyclables into plastic pellets, funds cleaning services on campuses, and educates young people on waste management practices.
Jobs in Nigeria
Temitayo Olufuwa, 21, is the creator of JobsinNigeria, a web-based system that allows users to search, find and apply for new jobs at the click of the mouse or on mobile devices, to reduce frictional unemployment in Nigeria
Khaled Shady is the inventor of Mubser, a wearable belt for the visually impaired, fully equipped with Bluetooth and Microsoft Kinect, which allows the wearer to navigate safely around objects and obstacles, using a system of vibrating motors.
Gonjetso Chinyama is the founder of a creative digital agency called Twenty2Creative. With his passion for IT and design, he has built an internet real-estate search engine called Pakwathu, focused on Malawian real estate.
Domestic Biogas Use Promotion Project
Joie Laurent Sangwa works with a youth organization to install domestic biogas units for homes in her region. Biogas offers a cheap environmentally friendly alternative energy source.
Safi Pads
Barclay Paul Okari of Kenya is one of the co-founders of Safi-pads, which produces, markets, and sells inexpensive, reusable and washable sanitary towels for women and young girls in his country, enabling better school attendance.