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In 2021, the Anzisha Prize selected 26 exceptional young African entrepreneurs. Now, they are on their own journey to scale their businesses and a chance to win one of four grand prizes worth 10 000 dollars each.

Each episode follows the entrepreneurs as they try and navigate securing more customers, refining business practices and scaling their businesses.

From exploring their leadership styles to securing investments, these young entrepreneurs are not only competing for cash prizes but their own personal growth.

Who will stumble along the way? Who will be victorious? Watch and find out.

Meet the Fellows

Doroles Mihanjo

About Dolores Dolores is a 20-year-old entrepreneur from Kibaha, Tanzania. She is passionate about serving children from impoverished lives to ensure their access to quality education. In order to empower...

Martin Masiya

About Martin Martin is a young Malawian entrepreneur and youth leader, passionate about developing his country and creating jobs. His passion for the environment and...

Tafadzwa Chikwereti

About Tafadzwa  Tafadzwa is a 22-year-old entrepreneur and a farmer from Zimbabwe. He is passionate about agriculture and the potential of technology in stabilizing farmers’ financial...

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Meet the Hosts

Didi Onwu and Mfundo Mbanze are our show hosts and they will lead us on The Journey to selecting our Grand Prize Winners. Didi, aka The Cultural Hybrid, is from Nigeria. With a passion for unearthing Africa’s hidden gems, she brings her infectious energy and a unique curiosity for storytelling. South African born Mfundo, our trusty cinematographer, steps in front of the lens alongside Didi to show us what these very young entrepreneurs have been up to since joining the Anzisha Venture Building Fellowship.

Together, they will introduce you to the 2021 Anzisha Fellows, learn about their businesses, celebrate their stories, and have fun along the way.