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Anzisha Stories

The Anzisha Prize platform is for for experts to share what works in entrepreneurship education and support across africa. 

Join us in the mission to create the best possible environment for very young entrepreneurs on the continent.

[Op-ed] Forget Silicone Valley: Adapting startup systems in the context of Africa

By Yegeta Tsegayetelila Yegeta Tsegayetelila is an Anzisha blog contributor whose focus is on exploring entrepreneurship and business matters within the Ethiopian market. The United States Small Business Administration, an…

How to get away with Digital Marketing for very young entrepreneur campaigns

By Suzan Kibirige Suzan Kibirige is the Growth and Campaigns Associate at the Anzisha Prize. She heads the selection process of finding the very young entrepreneurs to join the venture…

Access To Land, Prejudice And Poverty: Hurdles That 22-year-old Agripreneur Masello Mokhoro Is Conquering

While her peers were being carefree, a young Masello Mokhoro had already adopted the mindset of an entrepreneur. From selling soap with her grandmother to sweets and snacks at primary…

What it takes to be a young female entrepreneur in Africa

by Melissa Mbazo-Ekpenyong, Deputy Director of the Anzisha Prize programme; and Belinda Munemo is the Founder & CEO of Reekworth According to the World Bank, Africa is the only region…

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