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Anzisha Stories

The Anzisha Prize platform is for for experts to share what works in entrepreneurship education and support across africa. 

Join us in the mission to create the best possible environment for very young entrepreneurs on the continent.

5 young leaders impacting over 12000* lives

The power of one  22-year-old Vanessa Ishimwe is the only one in her family to have completed high school. She did not understand why her family had to leave her…

3 things you need to know about the Rise of Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa

Did you know that Africa’s youth population is set to more than double by the year 2055? Yes, you read that correctly, double, in less than 40 years. Africa’s economy…

Drivers get a motorbike: The Ugandan with a clever model for e-commerce delivery

Daniel Mukisa has developed a strategic business and employee remuneration model that has helped his e-commerce delivery service grow quickly in Uganda.

Young Ugandan creates business management app for SMEs

Ugandan Titus Mawano is the 23-year-old entrepreneur behind Ffene, an award-winning business management platform for African small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that assists with accounting, customer and inventory management.

The story of Best Ayiorwoth: Starting a microfinance business at age 19

“I never wanted to stop at that point in my education so it angered me… I would always remind myself that someday when I could, I would ensure that every girl child in my community received the best education they could.”

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