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Anzisha Stories

The Anzisha Prize platform is for for experts to share what works in entrepreneurship education and support across africa. 

Join us in the mission to create the best possible environment for very young entrepreneurs on the continent.

Africa Must be Nourished by Africans

Chickens are a key player in African Development. In his passionately delivered acceptance speech, Ibrahima Ben-Aziz Konate, 2017 Anzisha Grand Prize Winner opened with these words: “Africa must be nourished…

Entrepreneurship, African Development and the Anzisha Prize

Young people represent the fastest growing demographic in Africa. Many are already economically active—some motivated by necessity to help their families. With access to the right opportunities, skills, mentors, social…

17 big bets for a better world – and how Anzisha has put its stake on one big one

One highlight in the past month has been the launch of the Dalberg book titled 17 Big Bets for a Better World. The book is the amalgamation of contributions by preeminent…

Some surprising misconceptions about youth entrepreneurship in Africa, and why they matter

I recently attended a very informative session hosted by African Development Bank (AfDB), sharing their newly published strategy on Jobs for Youth in Africa. The work they are doing is…

Young Tanzanian switching on rural areas with solar energy

‘Electricity supply is really important for the development of a country. Without electricity, New York or Johannesburg would just be villages.’

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