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Anzisha Stories

The Anzisha Prize platform is for for experts to share what works in entrepreneurship education and support across africa. 

Join us in the mission to create the best possible environment for very young entrepreneurs on the continent.

Q&A: Eneyi Oshi is Transforming Agriculture through Innovative Infrastructure and Digitization

The enthusiastic young entrepreneur at the intersection of agriculture and technology (Agri-Tech) whose mission is to increase food security by providing equal market access to both farmers and consumers. By…

The Innovative Side of Agriculture: How young African Entrepreneurs are Reinventing Farming

By: Dolapo Adeyanju Africa is currently experiencing a surge in digital technologies and services across many sectors. As this digital revolution forges ahead, with radical changes observed in production, processing,…

Is Agripreneurship only meant for men?

By: Dolapo Adeyanju Working in the agricultural sector is quite challenging. The tedious nature of the work coupled with limited policy and institutional support has led many to snub a…

Unleashing Africa’s Agricultural Entrepreneurs: Tony Elumelu Foundation

The agriculture sector represents Africa’s greatest opportunity to drive inclusive, sustainable growth, and one of the few sectors with the potential to lift millions out of poverty and forever change…

Africa Must be Nourished by Africans

Chickens are a key player in African Development. In his passionately delivered acceptance speech, Ibrahima Ben-Aziz Konate, 2017 Anzisha Grand Prize Winner opened with these words: “Africa must be nourished…

Entrepreneur’s Triumphs and Innovations in Agriculture

N’Guessan Koffi Jacques Olivier, who was born to a farming family in Dabouyo, Ivory Coast, has a naturally strong love of the soil. He has a knack for achieving rich…

How a 17-year-old started a poultry business in the slums of Dar es Salaam

Sirjeff Dennis was five when he witnessed a neighbour lose her seven-month old son to malnutrition, and it created a passion to fight hunger in his community.

Young Ivorian wants people to view agriculture as a legitimate business

Ivorian Gabriel Kombassere (18) is young, passionate and determined. He is also a social entrepreneur who wants Africa’s youth to start viewing agriculture as a viable business option.

Four young African agri-preneurs seizing opportunities in farming

This year saw a record number of applicants involved in farming. While a panel of reviewers are still evaluating entries, here is a sample of some of the young applicants operating within the agriculture sector.

How Laetitia Mukungu started her own farming business at the age of 14

Laetitia Mukungu is not your average teenager.

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