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Anzisha Stories

The Anzisha Prize platform is for for experts to share what works in entrepreneurship education and support across africa. 

Join us in the mission to create the best possible environment for very young entrepreneurs on the continent.

3 Young Agripreneurs who have proven Agribusiness as a Profitable Career Choice

By Dolapo Adeyanju “I mentioned to my uncle who is a farmer that I would like to go into farming, he rejected the idea and said none of his kids…

Anzisha Prize announces top 20 very young African entrepreneurs as part of 10th year celebration

17 September 2020 – The Anzisha Prize has revealed its top 20 finalists for 2020. Winners will be announced at this year’s Anzisha Prize Conference on the 27th of October,…

Young African Entrepreneurs and the Next 6000 Days.

Africa will need to massively and rapidly scale up its investment in entrepreneurial youth if it is to have a chance to seize the demographic opportunity – time is running…

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