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About Abdulwhab ​ Abdulwhab is a hard worker and a big believer in youth empowerment. He is a mechanical power senior graduate. He aims to impact...
About Mohamed ​ Mohamed is a student at the Academy of Science and Technology, studying software engineering. He is extremely passionate and loves to...
Yonima Errands Runner
Jariatou Jallow is a second-year Computer Science student at the University of The Gambia and she also serves as the Education...
Business Services
An advocate for equality, Balbina Gulam is passionate about fair pay, healthy working conditions and making sure women are treated with...
TQ Group Services
22 year old Faustino is founder of TQ Group Services, a construction company which makes hard wood floors using raw local materials sourced from Mozambique. The company currently employs 13 people.
Founder and C.E.O of Supermom, a venture that aims to close market gap for last-mile distribution to low-income individuals by empowering and enabling women in communities to create a door-to-door distribution network in order to improve livelihoods.