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EST Productions
About Esther Esther is a determined and ambitious entrepreneur who possesses a deep passion for planning and creating. Despite facing discouragement, she...
Furaha Couture
About Joyce Joyce, an 18-year-old fashion designer, is passionate about creating uniquely African clothing that honors cultural heritage. With each design, she...
Afrique Online
About Ibnou Ibnou is the dedicated founder of Afrique Online, overseeing its operations and ensuring its smooth functioning. Alongside his commitment to...
Balogun Sisters
About Olamide At 16 years old, Olamide is a dedicated entrepreneur and co-owner of Balogun Sisters, a jewelry business specializing in beads...
Jidar Wall Art
Livening up interior spaces with creative murals and wall art Farah is an artist and student from Cairo with a deep desire to uplift the creative economy in Egypt. She is the founder of Jidar Wall Art, a non-profit collective that harnesses the power of art to transform interior spaces into works of art. The company recruits artists to paint customized murals and re-design interiors for various businesses.
Mosaicspiration Project
Meet Chineye, her passion for art and the environment stirred up a desire to create a space where she could teach fellow students how to create great art pieces using what others deemed as trash.