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Parenting the Boss: Insights From Those in the Know



About the Book

Very often, parents are the first investors in their children’s ventures. They are their educators and coaches at home, their most ardent evangelists once they buy in, and most importantly, they celebrate and take pride in their children’s success, arguably more than anyone else. So, who better to be the voices of this book than the parents themselves?


What’s Inside

Chronicling the experiences of five African families, this book:

  • Shares firsthand accounts of navigating the entrepreneurship space as families.
  • Offers advice to parents from parents of very young entrepreneurs.
  • Underscores the relationship between family support and entrepreneur success.


Who’s the book for?

Parents who are curious about early age entrepreneurial journeys


About the Authors

Josh Adler is the Executive Director of the Anzisha Prize and also a self-proclaimed social impact explorer. Read more about Josh here.

Sihle Magubane served as the Anzisha Prize Ecosystem Engagement Manager and Editor of the Anzisha Effect magazine.