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Fadwa Moussaif – Including Parents in the Entrepreneurship Journey



Case Focus: Parental Support

Fadwa chose to pursue entrepreneurship and found success through the support of her parents. Fadwa’s story demonstrates why parents are a determinant to the success of young entrepreneurs.


About the Entrepreneur: Fadwa Moussaif

Fadwa Moussaif from Morocco is the founder of Boucharouette Eco-Création (B.E.C), a company specialising in the manufacture and marketing of hand-woven and hand-knotted carpets from falls in textile industries and their transformation into chiffon, cushions, boards and bags.

The goal for B.E.C is twofold: the first is to revive the art of Boucherouite rug making with quality fabric (instead of old t-shirts) and the second is to empower local woman who are dependent on their husbands for income through this art form.


About the series: #ISWY

#ItStartsWithYou is a docu-series that explores the stories of very young African entrepreneurs and the key moments that contributed to their success.

These stories have been chosen because of the passion, commitment, drive, and grit that these young people exhibited as they created their own pathways.


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