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Amanda Jojo – Borrowing Experiences From Mentors



Case Focus: Mentorship

Mentors make a positive difference to the trajectory of very young entrepreneurs. Read Amanda’s case study to find out how she leveraged her relationships to grow her business.


About the Entrepreneur: Amanda Jojo

Born and raised in Johannesburg, Amanda Jojo founded The Trea Garden, an upscale cafe providing high quality coffee and accompaniments in a relaxing atmosphere. Amanda started the cafe with a view to combine her passion for food and beverage with entrepreneurship to help contribute to creating employment opportunities in South Africa— a country grappling with unsustainable levels of youth unemployment. She uses her business to support young creatives–regularly inviting young musicians and artists to perform and sell their art in the space.


About the series: #ISWY

#ItStartsWithYou is a docu-series that explores the stories of very young African entrepreneurs and the key moments that contributed to their success.

These stories have been chosen because of the passion, commitment, drive, and grit that these young people exhibited as they created their own pathways.


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