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Anzisha Forum Workshop Series: Parents

About this Report

On 22 October 2019, Anzisha hosted the Anzisha Prize Forum, an annual one-day event focused on VYEs as agents of change in their societies. The Forum brought together key stakeholders in a workshop format to engage with the work that Anzisha is doing to promote youth entrepreneurship as a means of facilitating employment growth. The stakeholder groups included: Educators; Investors; Policy makers; Parents; VYEs; and Incubators.

This report summarizes discussions and lessons emerging from the Parent workshop. Key takeaways from the workshop included:

  • Highlighting the role of schools in preparing youth for a rapidly-changing world, and entrepreneurship as a viable path within this world, could legitimise entrepreneurship for parents.
  • A ‘VYE parents support group’ could provide much-needed support, as well as a space for parents to share their experiences.
  • It is necessary to go beyond considering how parents impact VYEs’ lives, but also to consider how their childrens’ entrepreneurial journeys affect them.