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How to develop entrepreneurial behaviour through entrepreneurship practice

About this book

Not everyone will pursue entrepreneurship. But with the youth population growing at a faster rate than jobs are being created, entrepreneurship will play an undeniable part in growing many economies. It is vital that those who follow more conventional career paths at the very least understand and empathize with the entrepreneur’s journey. Interest in and demand for entrepreneurship education and training continues to grow as people question not so much whether entrepreneurs are born or made, but rather how they can be groomed. Entrepreneurship education and training programs are not a panacea to the most pressing needs of a society, but they can work. Research indicates that young people who engage in such programs are more likely to develop and exhibit entrepreneurial mindsets and competencies. In other words, aspects of entrepreneurship can be taught – and practiced – to bring about results with positive long-term effects, such as innovative thinking, creativity, enhanced socio-emotional skills, and business know-how.

Who is this book for?

This book is designed to help educators create an environment where young people can develop entrepreneurial skills through entrepreneurship practice. This will prepare them for future employment – self-generated or otherwise – and enable them to navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Click here to see the many educators who have shared their strengths over the years – as curriculum developers, innovators, facilitators, and thought leaders. This book builds on the foundation they have collectively laid.