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Yaye Souadou Fall – Doing Hard Things: Motivating One’s Team



About this case study:

This case study forms part of the AnzishaPrize Entrepreneurship Case Study collection.
Through this series, we seek to illustrate to youth that entrepreneurship, as a career choice, is within their reach. While we designed the catalogue primarily for use in high schools and at the
undergraduate level, the cases could serve as foundational texts or enrichment tools in other settings. Our goal is to enable the success of the case method in the context of youth entrepreneurship. In addition to their pedagogical value as tools for developing critical thinking and analytical skills, our case studies offer inspiring and universally relatable stories of young African entrepreneurs’ journeys.


About Entrepreneurship case studies:

We developed the catalogue to achieve the following objectives:
• Reshape perceptions about youth entrepreneurship using local yet globally and socially relevant role models
• Deepen knowledge about a skill, topic, or issue in business
• Enable readers to explore how they could emulate the protagonist
• Equip educators with basic tools for teaching case studies about young African entrepreneurs