Omonlola Loïs Aniambossou


    About Omonlola

    Omonlola Loïs Aniambossou is from the rural parts of Benin. She grew up in a family of 4 children of which she is the third one. After completing her first cycle of secondary school, she was admitted to a technical high school where she studied electrical engineering. She then obtained a Certificate of Primary Aptitude (CAP) in Electricity and an Electrical Engineering Baccalaureate. Omonlola also holds a degree in Electrical Engineering with a major in Industrial Systems.


    We’ve got the power

    Abiathar Services is a business that offers installation, monitoring and repair services for owners of electrical appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators and surveillance cameras. The business also manufactures and sells its own power inverters. The power inverters have a lifespan of 3 days and are more affordable than other energy products, thus making them more accessible.

    The business mostly caters to customers in remote/rural locations of Benin and aims to improve access to electricity and reduce its cost by providing power inverters. The business has been operational for 2 years and gained its first few customers through door-to-door marketing.