Noreen Mutavhatsindi​


    About Noreen

    As a final-year student at the University of Witwatersrand, Noreen Mutavhatsindi was inspired to start Phindulo Tutoring to help learners improve their grades. As a 10th grader, Noreen recalls struggling with Mathematics and Science. Now she doesn’t see these subjects as difficult. Her resilience helped her to power through and today she finds herself in her final year of a Chemistry degree. Noreen is a motivated young leader whose leadership qualities have led her to become the incumbent chairperson for the students’ residence hall. Her leadership skills also led to her being nominated for the Wits student leadership award. 

    Transition into Entrepreneurship

    Noreen was inspired to start Phindulo by her own struggles with STEM subjects in school. Her philosophy is that these subjects are not difficult. They simply require determination and discipline. She’s made it her mission to ensure that students excel by giving them a helping hand. 

    Business Information

    Phindulo Tutoring is a registered educational institution founded in Johannesburg, South Africa to support learners achieve better grades. The institution teaches Mathematics, Physics, and Accounting both online and in person. Phindulo stands out from other tutoring centres because they support students from the time they enroll until they get to university to ensure that they have good results so they can matriculate and graduate. They also offer online tutoring to allow students to move at their own pace. It’s the company’s vision to be the leading provider of Mathematics and Science tuition in South Africa, with a network of over 500 tutors. The end goal is to encourage more students to take up STEM subjects as a career.