N’guessan Koffi Jacques Olivier


    N’guessan’s desire to venture into agriculture lead to the founding of Yaletite Entrepreneurship Group Cl, an agricultural group with the aim of producing and marketing food crops for profit, locating subsidies for students with disabilities, and mobilizing youth for agricultural employment. At inception, the group’s primary objective was to produce and market food crops to support his school and personal needs. But as time went by, his desire to impact young people burgeoned, so he acquired subsidies for students with disabilities and employed young locals to assist in farmland preparations.

    His venture responds to two major needs: firstly, knowing the culture and the processing of agricultural products cultivated by the population, which rarely consumes these expensive products, and secondly, but more importantly, assisting the more disadvantaged. Working with 32 employees, they transform locally sourced raw materials into finished products helps generate revenue, of which some of the profit made is given to the poor.

    The Yaletite Group hopes to diversify into agro-processing, transforming cocoa to chocolate, and strengthening the group’s assistance of the mentally ill, lepers, and widows. Even in the face of challenges regarding financing and transportation, Koffi looks forward to expanding his market beyond Cote d’Ivoire to create an establishment across Africa and be ranked among the top African businessmen of his time.

    N’guessan Koffi Olivier was born to a farmer and a housewife. Growing up, he gained his primary education at the EPP in Dabouyo, where he was appointed the president of the school to raise funds for two years in order to build three classrooms– an experience that hallmarked the start of his entrepreneurial leadership journey.