Matina Razafimahefa


    About Matina

    Matina is the co-founder & CEO of Sayna– an innovative digital school in Madagascar. Her love for education and entrepreneurship was developed from her mom, who is also involved in the education sector who encouraged Matina to pursue her dreams. Matina’s passion is to help African students gain access to the best digital training and help them get hired. Matina describes herself as a kind and crazy education enthusiastic, excited by discovering new things such as culture and politics.


    Placing top talent

    Sayna is an innovative EdTech venture based in Madagascar. The business sources, trains, and produces highly equipped young Africans in industry-specific digital skills. The venture has expanded its training to Comoros, Ivory Coast, Benin, and Senegal and has thus far, been able to place 80 percent of its talents in the global IT market place. To date, Sayna has trained and placed over 2000 people across multiple African countries.