Joyce Lumoo Murairi


    About Joyce

    Joyce, an 18-year-old fashion designer, is passionate about creating uniquely African clothing that honors cultural heritage. With each design, she aims to inspire pride in African culture. Combining her love for fashion with her talent as a pianist, Joyce infuses music-inspired elements into her designs. As a student at the African Leadership Academy, she is also dedicated to teaching and encouraging other young individuals to embrace entrepreneurship as a means of community development and empowerment.

    Transition into Entrepreneurship

    Joyce’s transition into entrepreneurship was fueled by her passion for fashion and the desire to promote African culture. She created her own fashion brand, blending modern trends with African aesthetics to express cultural identity. Joyce also mentored and taught other young people about entrepreneurship, emphasizing its potential for personal growth and community development.

    Business Profile

    Furaha Couture is a fashion company that creates uniquely African clothing, including traditional garments with a modern twist. With a focus on preserving cultural roots, Furaha aims to instill pride in customers’ history and heritage. The venture has generated over $250 in revenue and plans to expand internationally to showcase the beauty of Congolese and African designs.