Déyélin Gilles Bossa


    About Déyélin

    Déyélin is a dedicated entrepreneur and trained agronomist specializing in cassava production and processing. He has transformed his passion into a thriving business that he wholeheartedly manages.

    Transition into Entrepreneurship

    Déyélin’s transition into entrepreneurship was driven by his deep commitment to his community. As a passionate agronomist, he recognized the importance of promoting the well-being and food security of the people in the community of Dangbo. This led him to establish his own business focused on cassava production and processing, allowing him to contribute directly to the local economy and provide valuable resources for the community.

    Business Profile

    Fenou Benin is a registered agri-food processing company based in the community of Dangbo. It specializes in transforming cassava into high-quality and affordable products such as gari (cassava flour) and tapioca with coconut. The venture aims to address the issue of high prices and low production by making these staple products accessible to the entire population, regardless of their social class or financial status. By providing stable jobs, reducing rural exodus, and ensuring food security, Fenou Benin contributes to the economic empowerment and well-being of the community. The company’s vision is to become a recognized symbol of quality cassava products, both locally and internationally. The business generates about $1000 on a monthly basis.