Benedicte Mundele


    Benedicte Mundele is CEO and Founder of Surprise Tropical, an organic local business that promotes a healthy lifestyle in her community in the suburb of Kinshasa. “Food is more than eating. It is a relationship because with food we have culture, we have energy, emotion, the future, and healthiness,” she says. Highlighting her passion for her venture. Benedict describes Surprise Tropicale as a food system with a mission to promote fresh local food by sharing the culture and the emotion in the local products.

    Benedicte is a member, mentor and communication officer of Kuvuna Foundation a Leadership Institute focused on entrepreneurship. She is also a World Économic Forum Global Shaper and curator of its hub in Kinshasa.

    Since Benedicte’s selection as an Anzisha Fellow, she has completed a Masters’ Program in Italy focused on Food Innovation. Today, Surprise Tropicale is in the business of e-commerce and delivers fresh foods all over Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. She has goals of expanding all over the Democratic Republic of Congo and currently has five employees. Benedicte has also been featured on CNN,  Ventures Africa, and Bilengeonline

    Quote: “The day you realize that you are not like everybody; you are unique will be the day you will start doing things with passion. Doing things with passion is the key to success.”

    Benedict Mundele may be contacted directly at: