Aly Abdelazam


    Aly co-founded Teens Club at 17 years old. Launched in 2012, he wanted to create a organization that focuses primarily on teenagers– to empower and to develop them by linking them up with experts, improving their skillsets, challenging stereotypes and providing a safe space for the expression of opinions and talents. From the beginning,  he believed in the ability of his peers because he knew what he is capable of. The club is designed to find mentors in education and career, help discover young talent, and actively tackle their communities’ challenges– in Egypt, Africa,  and the world at large.

    Egyptian teenagers are badly affected by the low standards of living and the high level youth unemployment. Having not contributed directly or significantly to the situation, Aly says that just by the mere fact that of their demographics, teenagers are the most negatively affected. This results in placing the youth at a disadvantaged position, meaning that they have very little involvement in shaping their own futures. To combat this, Teens Club gives many teenagers the platform to grow by offering: 1) capacity building workshops for both Egyptians and refugees, 2) organizing seminars with leaders and experts, and 3) providing a space for cultural exchange and artistic performances.

    Teens Club presently works with 20 volunteers, and as of 2015, over 30,000 young people between the ages 14 and 24 have sent in applications to enroll in their programs. The success of this social venture has also drawn a tonne of globally recognised NGOs, such as agencies within the  United Nations, to collaborate with  Teens Club. Aly works tireless to nurture their relationships.

    He envisions a Teens Club with a much larger reach, impacting many across Egypt, North Africa, and Africa. In the next five years, he hopes to open more branches in Egypt, and at least one in another North African Country, reaching the most marginalized. His vision is to create hubs that are self-sustained and managed by teens, that will, in the long run, establish a global network of over 30,000 youth that empowers teenagers.
    “The experience of building Teens Club from scratch to what it is now, has had a huge impact on my personality and aspirations. It changed my life from being a mere teenager whose interests were on focused on entertainment to an adult concerned about my generation, my country, and global peace. My focus is now concentrated on supporting youth empowerment, gender equality, and sustainable development. I see myself as a global citizen and an agent of positive change.” – Aly