Abdul Alayande


    Abdulwaheed Alayande believes he is the bridge between technology and people. Curious about how technology will influence and shape the future, Abdulwaheed is confident we will see that impact in healthcare and he wants to be at the centre of that discovery. As the Founder of TREP LABS, he is taking steps to reach that goal.

    TREP LABS is an enterprise offering a product called REALDRIP, which is an infusion meter that makes blood transfusion and drip treatment simpler and safer by continuously monitoring flow rate and volume administered, and by automating the blood transfusion and drip treatment process. This is a lower-cost, simpler solution that still maintains the ability to safely administer precision infusion.

    The vision for the project is to save lives by empowering today’s medical teams with low-cost medical devices as they believe nobody deserves to die from preventable clinical and surgical errors.

    In the next 5 years, Abdulwaheed wants to decrease the mortality rate by partnering with medical associations and ministers of health across Africa.