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Think Like A Parent: Act like a Coach


A practical guide responding to common parental concerns about entrepreneurship.

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About the Book

Parents recognize that jobs will not come easily to their children. Yet, even in the midst of evolving economic realities, attitudes towards entrepreneurship vary. This career option raises concerns for numerous reasons, including its lack of familiarity. This book offers a practical guide to respond to those concerns and reinforces the crucial role parents can play in the youth entrepreneurship ecosystem.

What’s inside?

Combining parent stories and educational resources, this book:

  • Demystifies the concept of entrepreneurship using real-life examples.
  • Shares first-hand accounts that have shaped parents’ perceptions of entrepreneurship.
  • Provides ready-to-use tools and strategies for parents to better support their children’s entrepreneurial journeys.

Ultimately, parents want the best for their children. This book further encourages parents to leverage their own experiences and expertise, and that of their peers, in guiding their children’s career explorations.

Who’s the book for?

  • Parents of teenagers seeking practical tools and strategies to prepare their children for the world of work.
  • Parents who want to proactively guide their children as they transition out of secondary school.
  • Parents who want to raise prospective entrepreneurs.

This book is also a foundational resource in an accompanying course, How to Raise World-of-Work-Ready Kids. Learn more about the course here.