Open Access to ALA's curriculum, knowledge and tools for program alumni and partners!


ALA believes that access to knowledge represents the foundation for accelerating social impact on the continent. ALA’s IP Philosophy recognizes that to succeed in its mission, an open, inclusive, and collaborative environment for knowledge production and dissemination at ALA is essential.

KENZA is a knowledge platform and series of annual gatherings aimed at enhancing collaboration between educators who have been part of ALA's educator programs. It is also accessible to all ALA alumni, staff and the staff of our partner organisations.

Through KENZA, we hope to accelerate the establishment of similar programs and organisations who want to leverage, use and adapt ALA's playbooks, lesson plans and process templates. It is powered by the platform, and to access KENZA you first have to register for a free account, and the request access to KENZA.

Mastercard Foundation are proud to have supported the establishement of the KENZA repositories, with a focus on the Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum from ALA - which has now been made available to educators across Africa through an accompanying training and experience program.


KENZA is available to any alumnus if any ALA program or educator training. You will be able to find the materials you were trained on, and use them as you choose. Most the content is licensed under Creative Commons or other open licenses where-ever possible. Once registered, you'll get instructions on what to do and a newsletter every quarter with new content, what has been the most popular and other insights.


Are you an AL Group employee? Hopefully you've already engaged your manager on how to contribute to KENZA with any knowhow you are producing yourself or as a team. AL Group members do gather to share a few times a year to present and share how we're doing our work in KENZA FORUM events.

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