Keeping Up with the Kohorts: 2019

Joining the Anzisha Prize is just a part of these Very Young Entrepreneurs journey, here's what the 2019 fellows have been up to.


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Anzisha Prize / elea Foundation Partnership

African Leadership Academy and Anzisha Prize are happy to announce our partnership with elea Foundation.

Q&A: Eneyi Oshi is Transforming Agriculture through Innovative Infrastructure and Digitization

The enthusiastic young entrepreneur at the intersection of agriculture and technology (Agri-Tech) whose mission is to increase food security by providing equal market access...

Celebrating very young entrepreneurs: Stories from the frontlines

By Didi Onwu Didi Onwu is the Communications and Stakeholder Relations Associate for The Anzisha Prize. For the past three years, she has been at...

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Caleb Annobil

Caleb Annobil became aware of the dangers of unclean water after the death of...

Velache Coker

Born in Moyamba Town, Sierra Leone, Velache Coker was determined to become a professional...

Cecil Chikezie

In his third year of University, Cecil Chikezie found out that the Kenyan government...

Yannick Kimanuka

Yannick Kimanuka grew up in North Kivu Eastern Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where the city has been shaken by extreme violence and ethnic wars for more than two decades. Raised by a single mother, Yannick noticed that school children in her area had limited access to quality education.

Olipah Chomba

Olipah Chomba started her chicken farm as a survivalist entrepreneur. With aspirations to finish...

Osvaldo Mokouma

Agriculture was never in Osvaldo Mokouma’s realm of interests. However, after seeing the high...