Keeping Up with the Kohorts: 2018

Joining the Anzisha Prize is just a part of these Very Young Entrepreneurs journey, here's what the 2018 fellows have been up to.

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Akpe Kevin Edorh

Improving emergency response through technology enabled platforms. After experiencing the death of a close relative who had passed away in an accident where emergency responders where slow to take action, Akpe made it his mission to transform emergency response services in Togo.

Mohamed El Idrysy

Providing high impact soft skills training for Moroccan health professionals. Mohamed describes himself as a curious mind and a believer in bringing patient-centred healthcare to his community. In his analysis of the medical establishment in Morocco, Mohamed found that while medical professionals had the requisite technical medical knowledge, they often lacked soft skills needed to deliver a holistic and positive patient experience.

Alina Karimamusama

Alina is a young woman driven to solve the challenges of gender inequality and...

Nomena Andrianantoandro

Promoting a healthy lifestyle through locally produced beverages Health and wellness has been a lifelong passion for Nomena, a Business Management student in Madagascar.

Vanessa Ishimwe

Availing education opportunities to refugee children. Vanessa is a Rwandan national who grew up in Kyaka refugee Camp in Uganda, where she moved to at the age of 9. Despite facing enormous economic challenges that meant her schooling was always interrupted, Vanessa’s tenacity earned her a scholarship to resume her studies in 2016.

Kondwani Banda

Creating compelling digital content for African youth Kondwani is a media and communications major at the University of Zambia. A natural born storyteller, Kondwani found her calling in the media and went on to found The Mainstream, a digital magazine that aims to tell authentic African stories. Since inception in 2016, the magazine has accrued a community of 500 registered subscribers and a social media following of 15,000 users.