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Joining the Anzisha Prize is just a part of these Very Young Entrepreneurs journey, here's what they've been up to since...

The entrepreneurial journey is not an easy one. It is often filled with long nights, tough conversations, and uncertainty. However, there are moments of joy and achievements worth celebrating. Through their stories, the Anzisha fellows are showcasing what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. And they are doing it with teachable anecdotes that you can apply on your entrepreneurial journey.

Off the Clock

Off the clock is a rapid-fire sit-down interview with young entrepreneurs from across the continent. In 90 seconds, they’ll be sharing their thoughts on entrepreneurship and life-related questions. It’s fun. Real. And unscripted. Each entrepreneur has 90 seconds to answer…but will the clock run out?

You’ll have to watch and find out!

2019 Gala Dinner and Winners Announcement

The Anzisha Prize hosted the Anzisha Forum (previously known as the Anzisha Gala) on 22 October 2019, where we handed out over $100,000 in funding to the top 20 of Africa’s very youngest and brightest entrepreneurs.

This documentary speaks to our 2019 theme: Heads, Hearts and Hands. Enjoy!

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Constant Ayihounoun

About Constant​ Constant Ayihounoun is a 21-year-old entrepreneur from Abomey-Calavi, Benin. His love for agriculture and sustainable farming...

Sergio Tabe Ashu

About Sergio​ Sergio Tabe Ashu is a 21-year-old African entrepreneur and university student who believes that successful...


Abdelouahab Toukkart

Abdelouahab Toukkart developed his innate strong entrepreneurial skillset from his father. Abdelouahab left university and spent most of his teenage years helping his father while taking up part-time students.

Abdul Dumbuya

Concerned Generation Network is a social enterprise geared towards the sustainable production, and packaging of ginger into ginger consumables. The business model dedicates 25% of revenue generated from the sale of ginger powder to supporting community schools and educational projects.


Marvellous Nyongoro

Creating safe and affordable off campus accommodation. The Housing Hub is a service provision platform that uses smart technology. It enables tertiary students in Zimbabwe to book and make payments for off campus accommodation online. The company employs students as agents, giving them an opportunity to earn income, through commission. z

Asia Saed

Seeing how her classmates and other youth struggled to find jobs after completing university,...

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