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Theory of Change

What is the vision?

The Anzisha Prize will inspire and support very young Africans with leadership potential to pursue and succeed in entrepreneurship

We believe that the theory of change will ignite our vision of developing successful entrepreneurial businesses run by young people that employ other young people. Thus, leading to economic development and reduction of youth unemployment in Africa.

Achieving the vision requires time and involvement of many stakeholders across the entrepreneurial ecosystem; achieving the vision requires a movement that grows over time. Key Stakeholders include young people, parents, educators, investors and policymakers. 

How will we achieve it?

Our goal is large scale behavior change to enable the #AnzishaScenario.

We will influence:


Very young Africans with leadership potential to become entrepreneurs.

(Those who must choose this path)


Parents & Teachers to support entrepreneurship as a career choice.

(Those who most influence the career decisions young people)


Investors & Policy Makers to specifically create opportunities for very young entrepreneurs.

(Those who most affect the environment in which entrepreneurs must succeed)

What will be the impact?

Successful entrepreneurial ventures run by very young people (15-25 years) that employ other young people  economic development and reduction of youth unemployment in Africa

Very young people (15-25 years) with leadership potential will have:

  1. Developed their entrepreneurial aspirations
  2. Improved their entrepreneurial leadership, confidence and skills
  3. Participated in learning-focused entrepreneurship support interventions
  4. Increased job creation through acceleration support
  5. Understood the need for and their role in realizing the Anzisha Scenario

At the entrepreneurial ecosystem level, Anzisha will have:

  1. Produced and shared evidence about enablers/barriers that influence knowledge and actions of parents, teachers and investors
  2. Enhanced parental/family support for emerging young entrepreneurs
  3. Increased access to entrepreneurial skills development materials and training for African educators
  4. Inspired stakeholders to support and invest in very young entrepreneurs

The three interrelated pillars of work we will use to achieve outcomes

Collaborate  builds communities of parents and educators (and later investors and policy-makers) to create support systems that build capacity of young entrepreneurs and increase chances of success.

Demonstrate develops, tests and shares best practices on how young people can be supported to become entrepreneurs, building on learnings and actionable insights from Anzisha’s work.

Anzisha Top 20 Forum 2019

Celebrate  seeks out and shares Africa’s most inspiring stories of very young entrepreneurs and the ecosystems in which they succeed to encourage young people to choose entrepreneurship and persuade the broader ecosystem to support young entrepreneurs.

The Anzisha Movement

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