Raghda Medhat


    Raghda’s work with young people began when she was in university and she was heavily involved with activities and clubs that empowered students to gain knowledge and practical experience. Her time spent working in a few startups gave her the idea to start a business that connects talent with global opportunities through remote work.

    Remoteplatz connects fresh software engineers who seek work experience with international early-stage start-ups through practical remote internship and job opportunities. These start-ups can recruit remote software developers that specialize in web development, mobile app development, machine learning and artificial intelligence for the long term at a reasonable price. The venture also handles recruitment, reference checks, skills evaluation, preliminary interviewing, and screening of all talents for its clients.

    Remote Plats has worked with more than six startups in Germany and Switzerland. Remoteplatz 5-year goal is all about growth and scalability – from wanting to acquire 50 clients (SMEs and startups) to hiring 500 talents.