Mahlatse Matlakana


    About Mahlatse

    Mahlatse Matlakana hails from Arrie village in Limpopo, South Africa. Her entrepreneurial journey began early when she started working on farms to support her family. After her matric, she took a gap year after registering to study law to focus on her passion for farming. She was always enthusiastic about farming and couldn’t shake her love for agriculture. Despite having less knowledge, she actively enhanced her agricultural skills and ventured out into starting her own business, Wozilex.


    Fresh from the Farm

    Wozilex is an agri-business that produces and sells vegetables (e.g. cabbage, peppers, spinach and tomatoes). Wozilex has been operating since 2017 and supplies large quantities of pre-packaged vegetables to wholesalers. The business currently provides most of their products to South African customers, but exports tomatoes to Mozambique. Currently, Wozilex provides over 10 vendors and wholesalers with over 300 units of produce monthly.


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