Jariatou Jallow


    Jariatou Jallow is a second-year Computer Science student at the University of The Gambia and she also serves as the Education & Research Director of the University’s School of Information Communication Technology Association (UTG-ITCA). While some of her friends in The Gambia are thinking of ways to get to Europe    she is fuelled and fulfilled by projects that solve issues in her community.

    In 2017, she became the Gambian based FPG intern coordinating the implementation of the Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship Initiative (YEEI).

    Passionate about solutions that are based on profitable business approaches, Jaritou helped launch Door Step Express (DEX) as the first courier service in The Gambia. Motivated by the success of the company, Jaritou decided to start Yonima Errands Runner. Yonima, meaning “send me” in the Wolof language, provides a business errands service where business registration, bank account openings, administrative, and many more services are offered. Whether in the diaspora or The Gambia, Yonima experts take over your ‘to-do list’ in both business and personal areas.

    For Jariatou, her vision is clear in using Yonima to hire young women from lower-income backgrounds and provide opportunities for young people under the age of 30.