Ifrah Arab


    Ifrah founded Supermom which addresses issues caused by the high level of poverty in her community where over half of its population lives below the poverty line. Many opportunities for viable economic growth in her community are hindered as a result of the inapt infrastructure and the socio-economic disconnect that exist; causing essentials products like pharmaceuticals and solar technology either to not reach the intended consumers, and if they do, are overpriced or of substandard quality. In order to close the gap that exists, Ifrah is redefining last-mile distribution in her community by empowering unemployed and underemployed women to create a door-to-door distribution network. This increases access to quality essential products among low-income earners at affordable prices while providing employment opportunities for many.

    As the CEO of Supermom, Ifrah leads marketing and operations, employs four people, and has recruited 20 supermoms into her network. So far, the average income of their participating mothers have doubled, have gotten significant media attention, and Ifrah was selected as an Echoing-green semi-finalist.

    Ifrah grew up in a community where women were not encouraged to be economically active, typically sidelined as housewives. It was commonplace to have women who were not empowered. Recently, Ifrah’s mother passed away. Losing someone so dear to her heart was difficult this inspired her to to change the lives of women in her community by empowering mothers.

    By creating a platform that links the supermoms to the business opportunities, Ifrah plans on training and empowering over 2000 women in the next two years, doubling their incomes to benefit their friends and families.

    Ifrah says, “…by empowering unemployed and underemployed women in communities to create a door-to-door distribution network, we can take advantage of economic opportunities to achieve higher incomes and better livelihoods.”