Hope German


    About Hope

    Hope holds a degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Beyond her role as an entrepreneur, she wears multiple hats as an artist, content creator, director, and freelance digital marketer. Furthermore, she extends her expertise as a freelance event planner, specializing in organizing events that champion art, entrepreneurship, and mental health awareness.

    Transition into Entrepreneurship

    Hope’s journey into entrepreneurship stemmed from a desire to address societal gaps in education access. Witnessing peers struggle due to limited educational opportunities, she recognized the potential to make a difference. Motivated by the intelligence and skills within her community, Hope sought to create opportunities for advancement. This drive led her to establish ventures aimed at promoting education, entrepreneurship, and mental health awareness. Hope wishes to empower individuals and bridge educational disparities in society.

    Business Profile

    Classy Forless is a mobile nail bar that offers affordable nail care education alongside treatments. The venture’s core mission is empowering the economically disadvantaged by leveraging their skills for income generation in an environmentally friendly manner. Classy Forless aims to establish a permanent location for enhanced accessibility and community engagement.