Dina Mohamed Ibrahim


    Dina is one of the 5 founders of Metro Co-working Space, a company  which offers affordable working spaces for young entrepreneurs , along with coursework and training that enables entrepreneurs and young people to thrive. Seeing a gap in the market for spaces that young people needed to work and train, Dina and her fellow founders decided to create Metro Co-working Space to fulfil that need.

    Their mission is to provide a suitable, harmonious and inspirational working environment for the youth to work, meet and train. In doing so,  Metro Co-working Space equips them with the ability to become entrepreneurs, provide them with the necessary skills to match them to future opportunities in fields consistent with their personal preferences and creates networking opportunities between all entities in Bani-Suief.

    Metro Co-working Space also provides the youth with soft skills training, because people have to travel long distances, like from province Bani Swif to Cairo just to get any training!

    They have formed various partnerships with JA- Injaz and other companies.