Amina Nakiboneka


    About Amina

    Amina, a 19 years old entrepreneur from Uganda, recently completed Form 4 earning first-grade credits in Uganda Certificate Examinations (UCE). She is passionate about health and helping people and hopes to study medicine and surgery at university. 

    Transition into Entrepreneurship

    It was during the period between 2017-2019 when Amina noticed her cousins and other youth in her community were unemployed after graduating from university and it frustrated her. The situation sparked a desire in her to do something to create more job opportunities. She saw entrepreneurship as an avenue to support herself and her family out of financial burdens. She decided to use her skills in baking, to start a snacks business, Mon Amie Cakes.

    Business Information

    Mon Amie Cakes is a confectionery business based in Buddo, Wakiso district Uganda that produces and sells baked products to retail customers. The business produces made-to-order products such as cakes, cookies, and snacks using high-quality ingredients sourced from the neighbourhood.


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