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About Youssef

Youssef, a young entrepreneur at the age of 20, is the Founder and CEO of Oriii, a company he established in 2022 with a visionary goal of revolutionizing the paper industry in Africa. His passion for creating a new future for paper production on the continent drives his entrepreneurial journey.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Youssef’s transition into entrepreneurship was marked by his determination to generate positive change and his commitment to sustainability. As a testament to his leadership and community engagement, he organized a TEDx Youth Event within his school community. The event showcased talks centered around worthy ideas and sparked conversations on driving sustainability in unique ways. Youssef’s entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his ability to inspire and foster meaningful discussions, positions him as an entrepreneur with a vision for a brighter future.

Business Profile

Oriii is a youth start-up specializing in handmade origami products. They aim to replace traditional daily-use items with simpler, cost-effective, and eco-friendly alternatives made from paper. Their vision is to create a new market for paper products in Egypt, offering practical and sustainable solutions that are accessible to all. Oriii’s focus on affordability, applicability, and environmental friendliness drives their mission to contribute to economic growth while benefiting society. The business generates $130-260  on a monthly basis.

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