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About Willine ​

Born and raised in Kicukiro, Willine is the co-founder and Managing Director at DotPharma Ltd, located in her mother country of Rwanda. She graduated with a degree in Healthcare Management with a concentration in Global Perspectives from Southern New Hampshire University and has over four years of experience working as a social advocate through storytelling, poetry, and public speaking. After experiencing mental health issues, she decided to help her counterparts who were going through the same experience, through daily motivational quotes and authored the ‘Daily Healing Voice’ in 2020. 

Transition into Entrepreneurship ​

Willine has always had a passion for healthcare. She and her co-founders recognised that there was a growing number of people in the community who were unable to get their medicine and found it difficult to access medical products because they do not know the clinics and correct medical service providers. It is a common occurrence in Rwanda for patients to be prescribed drugs that they are not able to find in the local pharmacy or drug store. DotPharma was formed to help provides people with the right products and the right information. With a network of suppliers, it has access to a wide range of products that can deliver to customers anywhere in the country. ​

Business Profile ​

DotPharma is an e-pharmacy platform that allows patients or caregivers to order medicines and other personal care (cosmetics, food supplements, etc.) and get them delivered to their homes. The online platform leverages technology to improve access to healthcare products and information by providing education and advice to its clients and allowing the users to ask for information on the use of the products. The business has been proven to be a helpful solution for people with non-communicable diseases and users who need products that require privacy such as sexual and reproductive health products. Patients can get access to all information about a certain healthcare facility as well. The venture generates about $100 on monthly basis and sells directly to individuals and organizations. 

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