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At just 15, Victoria Olimatunde is one of The Anzisha Prize’s youngest finalist.Victoria is the founder of Bizkids, a board game designed  to teach children about financial literacy, how to save money, money management and the rudimentary aspects of starting a small scale business in a fun and interactive gamified manner.

Founded in 2013, the game was developed because most kids in Nigeria are not financially literate and believe that money is only meant for purchasing perishable goods.  They do not grasp the concept of saving and investing money into projects or businesses that benefit their future and improve their livelihoods in the long run.

With Bizkidz, children are taught about how to save money and how to use their savings to invest in entrepreneurial ideas like starting a small scale business which would teach them to become self-reliant and equip them to be future employers rather than future job seekers.

The goal for Bizkids is to encourage Africa’s youth to become financially literate entrepreneurs and employers. The business currently employs 2 people and is growing steadily.


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