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About Victoire 

Victoire Bakunzi is a young entrepreneur from Goma in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Having witnessed war and violence from a young age, Victoire was determined to show that young people like him could succeed and be an example to others. Influenced by the tenacity of those around him, Victoire’s belief in young people’s potential spurred his love for fashion and influenced his venture into entrepreneurship. Now at the age of 21, Victoire’s love for the continent is seen through his clothing brand Baruvi that offers custom made designs that make his customers feel elegant and chic.

Transition into Entrepreneurship 

Victoire noticed that the clothing available to him and his peers were not locally produced and decided to create his designer line Baruvi. Despite the challenges of running a business in an area that has seen conflict, Victoire’s tenacity and determination have put him in good stead to continue to grow the business from strength to strength.

Business Profile 

In 2018, he started his business, Baruvi which makes African style jackets and tunics. He is raising the credibility of African clothing through his designs. As a company, Baruvi values the artistic and creative spirit at the local level. It ensures sartorial elegance. Victoire hopes to see Baruvi expand into other regions across DRC and eventually grow into a recognisable international brand.

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