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Vicente Zau is the founder of  The Vicente News Company. An online platform dedicated to promoting and putting putting Angolan music on the global map, with the objective of developing the growth and development of African music in foreign countries.

The online platform is quite straight forward and user friendly. All you have to do is pay to gain access to the website and download songs. They sell their services to artists through three different packages , which is how they make their revenue. The 3 Packages are :

1. Within the Normal Plan, they post 2 Ads on Facebook. Available for up to 1,000 Downloads for 1 week.

2.  Within the Medium Plan, they post 2 Ads on Facebook for a week. 1 Ad on their Instagram page and a featured option for 2 weeks on the site (Sidebar). Available up to 2000 Downloads.

3. Within the Maximum Plan, they post 4 Ads on Facebook for a month. 1 Sponsored Publication on Facebook. 2 Ads on Instagram. 1 Cover photo as the highlight of the page on Facebook.

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