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About Tsepo

Tsepo Manganda  is good at public speaking and solving problems, and he holds a bachelor’s degree in Risk Management and Insurance. He loves agriculture and wants to use his skills to solve everyday problems. Besides studying, Tsepo enjoys reading, gardening, and watching sports sometimes.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Tsepo has long viewed entrepreneurship as a route to financial freedom and peace of mind, motivating his decision to enter the business world. He’s been convinced that owning a business could help him contribute to achieving sustainable development goals. By becoming his own boss, Tsepo seeks the flexibility and freedom to pursue his other passions.

Business Profile

Pured Agro Processors is a pioneering tomato processing startup focused on reducing post-harvest losses. The business specializes in transforming tomatoes into dried tomato powder and additive-free tomato sauce, offering high-quality, organic products. Tsepo and his team drive the daily operations with the goal of expanding market share. Based in Esigodini, Zimbabwe the business’s target customers include fast-food outlets, caterers, students, and households. With two dehydrator machines and one grinder machine, they produce tomato powder that eliminates the hassle of cutting tomatoes and offers a more concentrated flavor. Their products come in three flavors: pepper, ginger, and garlic.

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