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Tsantatiana Fideranaharilala Rakotoarimanga

Dream Study Agency/ Mapwess
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About Tsantatiana

Tsantatiana Rakotoarimanga has always been passionate about education and entrepreneurship. He founded his first venture whilst in secondary school selling electronic books online. He has a love for discovering and learning new things. As a result, he decided to relocate to Mauritius from Madagascar in 2016 for post-secondary studies. When applying to study abroad, Tsantatiana fell prey to the complexity of the procedures. His frustration birthed an innovative way in which he could use technology to democratize access to studies abroad for African students. Tsantatiana’s goal is to help African students gain access to the best universities abroad.

Transition into Entrepreneurship 

Tsantatiana’s entrepreneurial journey began in secondary school and he became a full-time entrepreneur after obtaining his degree in Accounting and Finance in Mauritius. He founded his business Mapwess by Dream Study Agency to simplify the study abroad search, application, and acceptance process by connecting international students and academic institutions on one platform.

Business Profile

Tsantatiana is the founder of Dream Study Agency which offers Mapwess as a service. The agency helps students in Madagascar apply to universities abroad. Mapwess is an online platform that supports the same students find and apply to globally recognised universities. The venture has assisted students from Madagascar, Gabon, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Togo. To date, Dream Study Agency/Mapwess has been able to place 80% of its students in recognized worldwide institutions through its platform, despite the cancellation of admissions for international students at some universities due to border closures caused by COVID-19. Dream Study Agency/Mapwess has signed 9 agreements with 9 Universities in Mauritius and Rwanda. The company employs students as agents, allowing them to earn income through commission.

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