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Titus Mawano

Information Technology
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Titus Mawano is a 22-year old student from Kampala, Uganda who put University on hold to pursue a passion in computer science, business, and his home continent.

His business is Ffene and it is a business management platform for SMEs in Africa who are struggling to stay organized and might be behind on the tech wave. Whether it is accounting, inventory management, or data keeping, Ffene is the one stop shop for SME organization on the computer and mobile devices. While at University, Titus took some computer science classes, but he didn’t feel like they challenged him enough so he taught himself a variety of code languages.

Ffene has come to impact each of his customers by cutting costs and ramping up efficiency, but his impact has only scratched the surface of the total impact continent-wide itching with a startup mentality.

In 2013, Titus won the Apps4Africa competition and was awarded $10,000 to continue to scale Ffene to more businesses.

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