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Sirjeff Dennis is recent graduate of the University of Dar es Salaam with a degree in petroleum engineering and the founder of Jefren Agrifriend Ltd. Company. He is very passionate about agronomy; his greatest compulsion is leadership and entrepreneurship and he is confident that he can help his community eradicate the tragedies of hunger, malnutrition, higher morbidity and mortality rates that have long prevailed in African societies.

Growing up in a very poor community, he eye-witnessed a malnutritioned pregnant neighbour who then gave birth to a low weight infant who died after 9 months. This gave him fervour to find solutions that would uproot these threats. Sirjeff is among few young Africans who have beaten tremendous odds and has gone further to create jobs. He believes that in years to come, Africa will be a booming region with sufficient high-quality food, higher agricultural inputs and lower imports, which has led him to create Jefren Agrifriend Ltd. Company.

Sirjeff’s business venture primarily deals with commercial poultry, cereals, and vegetable farming, its products include: chicken meat, eggs, vegetables, rice, maize and organic fertilizers. The project involves buying of day old chicks and rearing them under very acute veterinary supervision until they are ready for the market as meat for broilers and eggs for layers. Organic fertilizers are also packed in 50 Kg bags and sold to farmers who are involved in year-round horticulture. Sirjeff currently works with a group of 13 members in his community. Of the 13, are seven women because of his interest in gender equality.

The project has been an active source of good health, improved family nutritional intake and has contributed to overall food security within his community.
Since Sirjeff’s selection as an Anzisha Fellow he has increased production and is exploring product diversification. As part of this expansion, and due to the publicity Anzisha provided, his company has been able to connect to potential partners like Leaf and Grain Limited who are willing to help expand Jefren Agrifriend operations into South Africa. Sirjeff also became the 3N Young Entrepreneurs grand prize winner and has been featured on BBC,  CNN, Citizen, and the Business Times.

“A large segment of my poor community has an access to the project’s products that are relatively cheap.”- Sirjeff Dennis. Jeff’s vision is to expand productions to meet the demand of the fast-growing population of Dar Es Salaam,Tanzania and Africa as a whole. To build a healthy Africa with sufficient high-quality food, higher agricultural inputs, and lower imports.

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