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About Sergio

Sergio Tabe Ashu is a 21-year-old African entrepreneur and university student who believes that successful businesses can be built by providing sustainable solutions to Africa’s most challenging problems. Growing up Sergio saw how hardworking his mother was and knew that in order to achieve success as an entrepreneur he had to emulate her. He noticed that young students in primary and secondary school often had little academic assistance if they needed it and decided to create Excel Academy, a tutoring service to combat this. As a co-founder and CEO of Excel Academy, Sergio fosters a working environment that promotes individuality amongst employees and allows them to achieve their personal objectives alongside the business objectives. 

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Sergio’s entrepreneurial journey started at the age of 14 when he started offering tutorial lessons to primary school students who needed academic assistance. The money he earned helped him pay his school fees. It was during this time that he developed his entrepreneurial spirit and knew it was what he wanted to pursue full time.

Business Profile

Sergio is the co-founder of Excel Academy, which provides private home tutoring services to K-12 students and national exam preparatory classes for senior secondary school students. Excel Academy trains and connects university graduate with a passion for teaching who need a dedicated yet affordable home teacher for their children. Additionally, the academy offers preparatory classes for students writing national examinations. These examinations include the GCE Ordinary Level, Advanced Level, Medical, Teacher Training, and Engineering examinations. The business earns revenue by charging a monthly fee to clients who request their services and currently employs 39 staff. 

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