Savio O Viajante
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About Savio

Savio is dedicated to creating digital content that highlights Africa’s rich history, culture, and tourism, aiming to showcase the continent’s beauty and identity to the world. Unlike mainstream media that often portrays Africa negatively, Savio focuses on spreading positivity. With a background in community development, he currently works for a non-governmental organization that supports impoverished communities in Mozambique.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Sávio started his journey as an entrepreneur while traveling in Europe and Asia. People were curious about Mozambique, so he used social media to share about his country and Africa. As interest grew, people wanted more info and were even willing to pay. This passion for sharing about his homeland sparked the idea for his business.

Business Profile

Savio O Viajante provides comprehensive travel services, catering to both domestic and international travel needs. From assisting with visa applications to booking flights and accommodations, the business ensures a smooth travel experience for their clients. They also offer car rental services, tour guides, travel books, and more, both within Mozambique and for destinations abroad. With their diverse range of services, Savio O Viajante strives to make travel planning convenient and hassle-free.

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