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Sam Kodo, the founder of Infinite Loop, built his first robot at 8. With personal computers still a luxury in Togo, he started a company producing affordable microcomputers that can be plugged into any screen. These mini computers can turn Tv screens or touchscreens into internet enabled devices.


Sam says that he is “not motivated by the money but the change I want to see on this continent.” With this ethos, he presently employs 6 people and hopes to Hire more young people in the future.  Infinite loop has grown incrementally; in the past this project was known as LIFEBOOK PC, but now has evolved into the SMARTBAG, which has a solar panel and an integrated battery, useful for those without access to electricity. Sam has garnered a lot of media attention such as This is Africa, Rising Africa, and Africa RDV. He has also been recognized by prominent bodies such as the Mandela Washington Fellowship.

The future looks bright for Infinite Loop. With Sam’s goal to expand and diversify the company’s product range, they have recently ventured into producing water filters to combat waterborne diseases in the Togo

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