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About Saly

Saly Sarr was born and raised in Thies, Senegal and is the fourth born in a family of seven children. She and her family then moved to the town of Fatick, Senegal due to her father’s work-related responsibilities. Saly obtained her baccalaureate degree in 2016 with a focus on natural sciences, and she is currently in her third year as a finance major at university.

Saly has had an entrepreneurial spirit since her early childhood. When she and her brother were younger, they started a small business making and selling different sorts of small objects to relatives and neighbours. Her insatiable passion for entrepreneurship has led her to create SallyMaa Shoes.


One step at a time

SallyMaa Shoes is a fashion brand that designs, manufactures and sells leather accessories such as heels and sandals for women of all ages. The products are mostly sold through an online catalogue, but also through exhibitions. The brand wants to redefine and bring greater attention to the local craft of shoemaking in Senegal.

The business has now been operational for close to three years and sells on average of 100 units of its products each month. Thanks to its online platform, the business has been able to expand internationally and reach customers outside of Senegal in countries such as Mauritania, Gambia, Mali, Gabon, Ivory Coast and France.

In the near future, the business will be partnering with supermarkets and stores in Dakar and Thies in order to make its products more accessible outside the digital platform.


Finalistes du Prix Anzisha 2020 : Saly Sarr – Sallymaa – commercialisation de chaussures en cuir fabriquées par des artisans sénégalais

Land of African Business


En 2017, Saly Sarr, jeune sénégalaise âgée à l’époque de 19 ans, lance SallyMaa, une marque de mode qui conçoit et commercialise des chaussures en cuir.


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